Great Hyperspace War

Great hyperspace war

The great hyperspace war was a major war fought between the galactic republic and the sith empire in 5000 BBY.

After the Great Schisms that gave rise to the dark side ended, the Dark Jedi fled to a remote planet called Korriban. This planet was inhabited by the Sith a red skinned race highly powerful with The Force. The Dark Jedi and Sith would soon interbreed and become one they would they form whats now known as The Sith Empire. Though the use of Sith sorcery and technology the empire would conquer nearby systems growing rich and powerful.


Over time both the Republic and Empire would forget one other and stay to themselves however this changed when two force sensitive explorers from the Republic discovered korriban by chance. Their arrival had stopped a battle between sith lords Ludo Kressh and Naga Shadow for the title of Dark Lord of The Sith. The two would be sentenced to death as spies but Naga Shadow saw a chance at conquest. He freed the explorers while making seem like the Republic to stir fellow Sith into action while hiding the two away. He would then release one to follow back to the republic while turning the other to the dark side. Shadow only problem was Kressh but he would allow Kressh to “discover” what he was up to prompting Kressh to gather his fleet and attack. Once the battle began Shadow would unleashed a hidden fleet and crush his competition and title of Dark Lord he then united the Sith and led them to invade the Republic. He would hit multiple Republic systems at once catching them by surprise and unprepared for his onslaught. He would even invade Coruscant.


Although Shadows invasion had caught the Republic lax and overwhelmed them on multiple fronts at once infighting would led to failure. After turning the force sensitive explorer named Gav Daragon to the dark side Shadow would give him command of a invasion fleet whcih Gav used to invade koros. This was Gavs home system and there he would meet his sister Jori(the other explorer who Shadow had release).When Jori attacked him Gav fled back to Shadow’s meditation sphere from here Shadow was directing fleets including one that was invading Coruscant. Gav however would break Shadows concentration by firing on the sphere this led to the Republic rallying and wining the battle of Coruscant. Then following the fleeing Gav Jori and Koros’s empress Teta attacked Shadows fleet. Knowing the the tide had turned Shadow abandoned his forces to Gav and exploded a nearby star. Gav would discover this betrayal but before dieing from the star destruction he sent the coordinates of the rest of the sith empire to his sister and empress Teta. They would follow them only to find the Sith locked in battle with each other. This was due to the fact that Kressh had not been killed like Shadow had originally thought and laid a trap from him at korriban. The Republic fleet would destroy both fleets ending the war but Shadow would escape


After the war the Republic would launch an invasion of Sith terroirty their goal to whip out all Sith. They destroyed all Sith strongholds as Shadow put himself in stasis hidden away on the planet of Yavin. The Republic was at peace with the knowledge the Sith had been destroyed…

Great Hyperspace War

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