Dunn Vicinix

Smuggler Seeking The Bellerophon


Blue-skinned Duros with bright red eyes and a large noticeable scar from each eyebrow to each opposite cheek to form an X-shape. Missing the left ring finger.

Wears a large-brimmed hat and a large brown duster.


Having worked the circuits for many years, Dunn and his crew made a lot of enemies, both within the government as an unnamed smuggler and without as one of the more well-known names in the business. Because of his scar, he is also commonly referred to as “X-Face” or “Crossface” by those who do not know him personally. His infamy caught up to him one day while refueling, when three of his biggest enemies, Yuniver, Caedmon and Maddox, all teamed up to take him down. They captured the crew, killed all but Dunn and his second-in-command Bennedo, and left them broken men as Dunn and Bennedo had to watch their ship fly off. Seeking retribution and refusing to settle for less, the two Duros agreed to pilot an expedition or two in the new galactic war for the money offered. Gotta start off somewhere, right?

Dunn Vicinix

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