Bennedo "Ned" Karra

Duros Mercenary Scout


NedNed is a blue-skinned, orange-eyed Duros who wears a mismatched suit of armor (as is custom with Mandalorian Crusaders, since they personalize their armor by piecing it together themselves). In addition, he also boasts a tribal tattoo on his neck marking his former position as a scout for his clan.


Ned was born to a family of farmers on Duro, but left his home at a young age to join Clan Karra, a passing group of nomadic Old Mandalorian Crusaders. Travelling the galaxy with his new-found brethren, Ned learned the arts of war and the meaning of honor while at the same time being educated in the Mandalorian Code (called the Six Actions):
Education and armor,
Self-defense, tribe,
Our language, our leader—
All help us survive.
Ned spent over 10 years carving out a place for himself as a well-respected scout in the clan, even earning respect and friendship from many others he encountered on the clan’s travels, such as the Zabrak tribesmen of Iridonia. However, this period of gain ended when a dispute soon arose which split clan loyalties in half—some for a proposed change in morals, some against such a change. Torn between choices, Clan Karra promptly dissolved, leaving Ned to make his own way about the galaxy. Soon afterward, he took a job as a mercenary aboard a ship belonging to a small-time smuggler named Dunn Vicinix. Ned soon distinguished himself as a capable officer, earning the position of First Mate, and the notoriety of Dunn and his crew boomed for years thereafter. Unfortunately, this attracted quite a few unwanted enemies, a few of which eventually captured and killed Dunn’s crew with the exception of Ned and Dunn himself. Left without crew, ship, or wealth, the two decided to partner up and look for work as mercenaries in the ongoing galactic wars.

Ned is a bit serious. He has a firm sense of the meaning of honor, which makes him trustworthy and reliable, but this also has a bad tendency to limit his actions and make him appear blunt, gruff, and even cold to others. Despite this outward appearance, though, Ned is fiercely protective of his his friends (at least those who prove themselves respectable warriors) and considers death defending brothers-in-arms to be the purest way to go.

Bennedo "Ned" Karra

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